(Flagship piece) The Conversation Bench



The Conversation Bench: It’s creation.

One morning in 2012 we received a call from our neighbours across the street. His dogwood tree came down due to bad weather conditions and trashed his yard. He called us over to remove it for him because hiring a mulching service or even the city’s waste disposal services would cost him a fortune. We came over and moved the whole fallen tree back to our shop which was next door to us and diagonal to them. As a bonus they allowed us to keep the tree and this is what we did with it…

My father carved three seats out of the stump and made a bench, as well as many other woodwork projects using the rest of the tree:

-The tri-wood table.

-This smaller bench.

Many more projects were created using the remains of our neighbour’s fallen tree as well…

Out of all of our pieces of woodwork; this is our most valuable as it is:

-The heaviest piece of woodwork in our shop.

-The most popular piece in our shop, many people local to Bowen Rd have sat on it as well as a lot of people who walk down the street.

-It’s the only piece of woodwork that got stolen by a group of thieves.

The Conversation Bench: Getting stolen from us and later returned.

I’d like to give a very special thanks to Tyler Evernden for archiving this story that I have been searching for a long time (Check out his channel and subscribe to him “https://tinyurl.com/TylerEvernden” and speaking of “Check”), Chek News, the local RCMP for aiding in the return of our Conversation Bench.

Installation of this bench in a public space is very easy (despite it’s weight), drag and drop.

This piece is our flagship piece, there will never ever be anything we make in our shop that will surpass the beauty of this piece. In regards to that we are NOT selling it unless it’s the last sale we’ll ever have to make because nothing else we make in our shop will surpass the asking price of the conversation bench. To abbreviate what I just said: The Conversation Bench is PRICELESS.

It’s value will increase by $1 for every different person who will sit on the Conversation Bench at the waterfront when it’s selected for the City of Nanaimo: Public art program and leased for one year. I know for a fact that this piece will be selected, it’s only a matter of time.