The pallet table

The pallet table, built by workers for workers.

Price: at least $5,000

I’m looking to sell our pallet table to a business owner who can utilize it for their company’s tasks.
Depending on what your business is or the line of work you do–this table can help you therefor: The asking price is on my website and if you do not agree with it you could either share this post so more interested buyers can find it, or counter the asking price by telling me how much you could make in a month with a massive workstation table like this one and the closest interested buyer will be contacted.
If you’re wondering how we use our pallet table: It’s a massive asset to our businesses as we manage our tools on it, assemble other woodwork projects and fix a lot of broken products we use–It is extremely handy to us and we aren’t giving it up without a fight or our asking price because it’s our biggest asset in our building.
I recommend our pallet table to contractors, builders, assemblers, people who put stuff on display, mechanics, the list is endless.
The pallet table can divide into the table top and table bottom which can be transported either individually or in it’s assembled state using a forklift or two strong lifters.
I will ignore all negative comments because they aren’t worth anybody’s time or keystrokes and I will appreciate anybody with positive intentions.
-Materials – Fir, diamond coat, carriage bolts, and a pipe mod to increase weight capacity (coming soon).
-Maximum recommended carrying capacity — 500 lbs (without pipes).
-Measurements (table top + stand) – X: 7.5 feet. Y 3.1 feet. Z: 3.11 feet.