Limited lease policy, terms and conditions.

Monthly lease:

If clients are interested in our woodwork but not interested in paying the full price up front, we have a lease option available. Our lease policy comes in the form of two versions. A monthly lease which is 10% of the asking price of the piece being leased, the lease doesn’t stop after 10 payments because that is not considered a sale, the client agreed to a lease. The lease is forever until the client cancels it or buys the piece out at it’s full asking price or it sells to a new owner while being leased by said client.

Weekly lease:

Our weekly lease is similar to our monthly lease with the exception that payments are made at the end of the week and the lease price per week is 2% of the original asking price because there are about five weeks in a month. For a weekly lease we will offer the first week for free and then the client can consult us if they want to keep the lease going, but payments start on the Saturday of the first week. Each payment covers the next week.

If our art is damaged and the client wants it repaired so it still looks good; we can suspend the lease while we repair our woodwork in our shop. No charge to client for repair time.

Leases are only approved simultaneously by the consent of both Brad Camp, and Sam Camp.