The campfire coffee table

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The ‘campfire coffee table’.

This is a little project I recently finished and I’m looking to sell to an Interior Designer so it can end up in a multi-million dollar house.

The campfire coffee table has four coats of two-part epoxy on the surface area and on the sides where there is no bark and where there is bark: I’ve torched off all the moss giving it that signature ‘campfire’ smell.

I’m very proud of my masterpiece as upon it’s completion; I forgave and mentally made peace somebody I was very angry with. Every time I enjoy a caramel macchiato on this table at The Buzz Coffee house it reminds me that I’m able to find my peace through the art of woodworking, and for that reason it’s super special to me. It will be close to impossible to make something as good as this coffee table.

-Samuel Camp