The money tree by Bradley D Camp

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The Money Tree.

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees.

Money is a tool and it can be used to make more money. Money can also grow itself, so why not allow money to grow on trees.

Really, money growing on trees is a mindset of sorts. First one must be able to believe that money can grow on trees or materialize out of thin air.

This mindset is the mindset of an entrepreneurial spirit, the mindset of a person who desires to take everything that they touch and turn it into a golden opportunity.

This “Money Tree” is designed as a symbol to represent the life of an entrepreneur. The wooden base is natural wood and is representative of nature and the need for us as entrepreneurs to protect and preserve nature. The trunk of the tree is fairly rigid and as entrepreneurs I feel we we should set goals and go after them. The branches are flexible easy to bend and to alter and there are lots of them. The flexibility of the branches are designed to be touched and re-bent. This speaks of the way we should always be willing and able to flex in our business, alter direction when needed. The branches are also always pointing up the same way tree branches also direct themselves towards the sunlight.

This money tree designed by myself Brad Camp is available for sale at:

The Gallery @ 1595 Bowen Road.

Price: $300,000